1. No conversion Strategy!

Say this aloud if you must – my business site is not an archive. Most people fall into the trap of building a site and resigning their efforts afterwards – this is extremely bad for your business. A digital platform for your business in the best case scenario is an investment to bring you more clients or at least help people discover your offerings. Don’t sleep on it.

2. No Marketing

This is more common than you would imagine. Have you ever wondered why big brands continue to advertise even when it seems like they don’t need to?

Out of sight… out of mind! Yes your product or service may be amazing but you are not the only one out there. Stop winking in the dark.

3. Poor Visibility

So you built that lovely website or app that speaks volumes about your business and wonder why it feels like the dreamy launch you dreamed of is a mirage?

We hate to break it to you but people need to interact with your brand in at least seven ways for it to remain in their subconscious… how to do that – Be visible online with your offerings.

4. No Feedback Mechanism

I could bet if asked you how you would rate your business efforts, it would be 5 stars. But is it really, is that what your customers think too?

A feedback mechanism is a great way to audit if and how you meet your customers’ need. It’s a great way to improve your service offerings and the best part – it’s absolutely FREE!

5. Lack of Know-how

Yes, life is hard, start-ups even harder. You just want to focus on your business and we get it. That is why we have a business. We exists to give you all the leverage you need to stay in business.

Employ the expertise of a digital consultant to help you choose the best strategy for your business efforts as what works for A might not necessarily be optimal for B!

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