At this year’s largest and most influential technology connectivity event, the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, industry leaders across every facet of shared insights on what to expect in terms of innovation and how far along as an ecosystem we’ve come.

New concepts like Open RAN, 6G, Earth Computing are all geared to take the world by storm because as the world continues to adopt technology, we need to innovate to keep up with the pace of adoption and solve new challenges that evolve.

This of course, means that Africa, may continue to lag behind as long as the status quo is maintained but it doesn’t have to be. If there ever were a time when Africa could close the gaps in terms of technology development and steer innovation, that time would be now with the plethora of advancements in the broad technology sector across every facet of human endeavor.

While many businesses on the continent struggle with the mainstream technology or even legacy systems, we are now in a time when it becomes unreasonable, because as much as technology is an enabler, it is also a leveler of the playing field across all sectors. Innovation doesn’t have to always be mind blowing, sometimes it’s doing something a little better than it was done before. 

As we reflect on this year’s #MWC23, we hope that we can inspire more African businesses to think sustainably for the future.

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